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IVN has relentlessly invested and worked with Leading Developers, Engineers and Experts to develop a revolutionary fully immersive and platform agnostic video extraction technology to extract your live video feed and embed it into 3D Environments such as the Metaverse.

Our mission has always been to find a way to integrate live video of ourselves in the Real World into a brand new Virtual Environment or Metaverse. By doing so, this creates a hyper realistic Live Avatar that can have endless possibilities to communicate, collaborate, learn, work and so much more within a digitally created Universe that can allow anyone from our Global population to engage with no borders and minimal resources. 

Redefining the Meaning of Virtual Reality

IVN has been on an a mission to develop revolutionary technologies that brings real people into dynamic digital environments such as our Nexos or any Virtual World. 

Enter Nexos, our next generation Metaverse that will open an infinite Universe of possibilities for our Global client base to explore, interact, work, study and build an entire new Ecosystem. 

IVN's core Leadership has always believed that there was a dynamic convergence between traditional video technology and Virtual Reality. That belief lead to the inception of Silhouette and the Nexos...



With well over a century of combined experience, their depth of expertise spans into dozens of complex industries and in-depth strategic insight across all corporate divisions. Having forged their individual paths from building successful Startup ventures to working for some of the largest companies in the World, their depth of knowledge has come to the forefront when planning the monumental roadmap for the vision of IVN.

The Leadership team brings a unique perspective to the table, allowing for a dynamic and collaborative environment that is driven by innovation and creativity built from honing their unique skillsets. With their collective experience, they have successfully overcome countless challenges and navigated complex situations with finesse and confidence. Their leadership style is one that is rooted in trust and respect, and their ability to inspire and motivate their team is second to none.


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