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Opening your Eyes to Endless Possibilities

Welcome to the Nexos


Virtual reality (VR) headsets have become the focus of growing health concerns but primarily they force you to become a computer generated avatar "in World" and there is a insurmountable lack of realism that makes you feel as if you are in a video game. 

Silhouette allows you to live headset free, if you wish, within our Nexos. You no longer have to purchase or wear any equipment to delve into our virtual World. 

Just bring yourself...

Zoom meeting.gif


The recent pandemic has forced many people to work and interact remotely in 2 dimensional video conferencing platforms. IVN is taking communication to the next level by incorporating the third dimension which will create fully immersive experiences for users. 

Our platform and Silhouette can replace traditional video conferencing and bring a game changing evolution to the technology. Relatively static and two dimensional images will be a communication tool of the past as we have opened the flood gates for users to not only communicate as themselves in three dimensions, but to interact virtually as they would in their physical environment, with the tremendous potential to create any environment they can imagine. 


Our Nexos will be the next frontier for real estate as the diversion from physical to virtual is becoming exponentially more apparent. The Nexos is a Virtual World that provides the endless possibilities to purchase virtual land, build corporate buildings, housing, retail, malls, schools and campuses, parks, infrastructure and beyond.

The beauty is that the limitations and confines of our physical World, do not apply in the Nexos, therefore companies can invent brand new verticals, categories and industries that could transform the way people work, live, socialize and travel.


Time to build the new Roman Empire in

Web 3.0



Welcome to the untapped and unlimited World of Virtual Commerce. 

In the Metaverse, no limitation on the possibility of not only selling physical products, but also Augmented Reality Products.

Silhouette and the Nexos present a potential multi Trillion Dollar opportunity for Brands to completely Reinvent ways of connecting with their client base, the products and services they offer, the reach that they can have in the Metaverse, while capitalizing on new Advertising Models, Virtual Foot Traffic in key areas, and Costs to Build out Virtual Real Estate and Show Rooms at a Fraction of the Cost vs the Real World. The Gold Rush has yet to begin and IVN will be leading the charge in establishing a brand new space for Brands to Thrive and only be limited by their Imagination. 

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